Our Approach


Jojo Martinez seeks to create wedding gowns that will enhance the bride’s beauty by bringing out styles, patterns, and lines that somehow mirror the joy she has inside. We love seeing gowns that complement our clients’ personality and not drown it with trends that seem to take the focus away from the bride and her most special day. Seeing the groom light up when she enters the room is indeed the goal of every gown that we hand make.

Fashion is about something that comes from within you


The Values



Tasteful richness of design or ornamentation. Dignified gracefulness or restrained beauty and style.


Small elements that collectively constitute a work of art.


The creation or performance with skill or dexterity especially in the arts.


When something feels and is right.


Our pieces are created with warm affection and devotion.


Our art supports the means and subsistence of many skilled workers in Cebu City with the partnership of the Zonta Club of Cebu II

Our Story


The beginning

This dressmaker’s story begins in a small house in Ormoc City, Leyte, where a little girl picked up her doll and decided that her doll needed new clothes. Painstakingly, this little girl cut pieces of cloth she salvaged all over the house, threaded the needle with squinted eyes, and made tangible with her hands the amazing gift God has given her.
Years went by and the desire to make clothes followed her and never let her go until she finally convinced her parents to send her to Slims Fashion & Arts School in Manila where she learned to hone her gift expand it to places she never imagined.
Around the time of her completion of her course in Slims, Shoemart (now SM) was considering a shift from being a shoe store to a full department store, and Jojo Martinez was one of the first dressmakers and designers hired to make ready-to-wear clothes for retail. This opportunity further trained her in the art she has always loved. However, unexpected circumstances brought her back to the shores of Leyte where she then opened her first dress shop where she began to cater to orders for dresses for various occasions.
Pretty soon, a penchant for moving around was created in Jojo Martinez, so she took her dressmaking talents to our island of Cebu and eventually back to Manila, where she was once again given opportunity to increase her God-given talent as she worked with Meg Paris, Inc. in Glorietta.
But then, once again, the hand of God in providence led her back to Ormoc where she experienced one of the most painful things in this world – the loss of a father, specially one who has supported her through the years in big things and small things like helping her assemble her machines. With a willing heart, she followed her father’s wish for her to live closer to family – which meant either Cebu or Ormoc.
Since most of her siblings were in Cebu, she decided to move here and start from scratch. Her first major projects were the establishments of shops under her name in Fashion Avenue (Ayala) and Planet Exchange (SM). Though these business were lucrative, it created in her a great desire to go back to made-to-order clothes which meant more construction and experimentation with various materials and designs. With every new dress to make, she fell in love more and more with the execution of the designs to cater to the female form and forming elegant and clean lines. This excitement has not faded but only increased through the years.
This is where God showed her her place in the world of fashion. This was where she realized that she was more than just a designer; she is a dressmaker.

New Generation

Today, Jojo Martinez in joined by her daughter Chiara Martinez, who has been a teacher for almost thirteen years. However, Chiara realized that all the years spent seeing her mother work rubbed off on her. Now, she is learning her mother’s craft and is particularly involved wedding styling and coordination.

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